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Specialized in the stripping and restoration of wood interior and exterior doors, mantels, windows, and shutters

Thank You Vincent!

We fell in love with the historic details in our apartment: the intricate woodwork that framed the windows, the 12-foot massive swinging door, the oak entry way to the back room. Time had taken its toll on all of these details, however, and the intricate woodwork was covered with numerous layers of paint, the swinging door was cracked down the center, and the oak entry way was buried underneath decades of neglect. We called Vincent, hoping he could bring these pieces back to their original grandeur, and the outcome of his craftsmanship floored us. Each piece has been beautifully restored and finished, evoking the grandness that was once our 1897 brownstone’s parlor floor, and becoming, once again, the crowning jewel. We highly recommend Vincent, his team and his work!

Andy and Alissa
New York City